Student Awards

Each year we ask our staff to nominate students to receive awards in one or more of the following categories:

Commitment Awarded for an outstanding attitude to learning and/or an exceptional contribution to the work of the department
All-round achievement
Awarded in recognition of an outstanding overall A-level performance
High achievement
Awarded to the highest achievers in each subject

We would like to congratulate the leavers listed below on the excellent contribution they have made to the College community over the last two years. In recognition of this, they have received the following awards:

 Student Name: Award 
 Uvini Edirisinghe  The Principal’s Prize
 Vinnie Joseph  The Old Cantabrigian Society Prize
 Harvey Hughes  The Old Cantabrigian Society Centenary Prize
 Emily Thomas  The Old Cantabrigian Society Centenary Prize
 Sophie Fox  The Old Cantabrigian Society War Memorial Prize           
 Rosie Kerr  The Old Cantabrigian Society Layng Prize
 Francesco Dernie  The Colin Greenhalgh Prize for Leadership and Service 
 Jack Kerwin  The Association of Parents and Friends’ Prize 
 Molly Mead  The Association of Parents and Friends’ Prize 
 Hannah Foley  The ‘Virtute et Fide’ Masonic Lodge Annual Charity 
 Elspeth Davies  The Hill Prize 
 Alexander Wilson  The College Award for all-round achievement and commitment in Music
 Kasra Aghajani  Commitment in Film Studies
 Kaley Ainsworth

 All-around achievement

 Georgia Allen  High achievement in English Language and Performance Studies 
 Sian Alvarez  High achievement in Dance
 Francesca Anker  High achievement in English Language and Literature
 Commitment in Psychology
 Roman Armstrong

 Commitment in English Literature and Media Studies

 Olivia Bailey

 Commitment in Religious Studies

 Phoebe Bainbridge  Commitment in Psychology
 Fiona Bakelmun  High achievement in History of Art
 Chris Barrot  All-round achievement
 Lauren Bennett  Commitment in Business Studies
 Ned Bent  High achievement in Sociology
 Harriet Beynon  The Richard Hathway Award for Drama
 High achievement in the Extended Project
 Jessica Binks  All-round achievement
 Laura Block  High achievement in Media Studies
 Louis Bodrozic  High achievement and commitment in Physical Education
 Lucy Bowes  High achievement in Psychology
 Lily Bracey  High achievement in Dance
 Jacob Bristow-Bell  Commitment in Chemistry
 Sophie Brouat  High achievement and commitment in Music
 Simon Cade  High achievement in Music Technology
 Oliver Cantrill  High achievement in Government and Politics
 Eleanor Chapman-Drake  Emma Clements Prize for Commitment in French and German
 Hannah Cheffins

 Achievement in Government and Politics

 Melchior Chui  All-round achievement
 Rachel Clark  Commitment in Music
 Rebecca Clarke  All-round achievement
 Commitment in Physics
 Lily Cobbold  Maurice Broomfield Prize for high achievement in Photography
Patrick Collins

 High achievement in Biology

 Frances Conboy  All-round achievement
 Harry Connor  All-round achievement 
 Aedan Conroy  Commitment in Computing
 Aimee Cooper  Commitment in Biology
 Rebecca Cousins  Commitment in Psychology
 Rachel Crook  High achievement in Electronics
 Elspeth Davies  High achievement in Geography
 Jake Davies  High achievement in English Literature
 Sacha Louise Davies  High achievement in Archaeology
 Jhecie De Chavez  Commitment in Psychology
 Francesco Dernie  High achievement in Philosophy
 Hannah Divall  Commitment in Physical Education
 Ellie Dixon  All-round achievement 
 Aura Dootson-Graube  Commitment in Biology
 Chloe Dootson-Graube  High achievement in Archaeology
 Claudia Driscoll  All-round achievement
 Heather Dunand  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Polly Dunn  All-round achievement 
 Aime Dutton  High achievement in English Language & Literature
 Commitment in Dance 
 Beth Elwood  Commitment in Religious Studies
 Catherine Evans  All-round achievement
 James Farmer  Commitment in Music
 Thomas Field  Commitment in Music
 George Fletcher  Commitment in English Literature
 Hannah Foley  Achievement in the Extended Project
 Lizzie Ford  All-round achievement
 Isobel Fordham  High achievement in Latin
 Daniel Galvin  All-round achievement
 Richard Geng  Harvard Book Prize for all-round achievement and commitment in Biology
 Emma George  Commitment in English Literature
 Lorcan George  Sportsman of the Year
 Benjamin Gilbert  High achievement in Business Studies
 Alice Gilderdale  All-round achievement
 Joel Goddard  All-round achievement 
 Matilda Gomperts-Willis  High achievement in Use of Mathematics
 Kezia Gould  High achievement in Spanish
 Jonathan Grey  High achievement in Computing
 Joshua Griffin  Commitment in Theatre Studies
 George Hale  High achievement in Geography
 Antonia Hamilton  High achievement in French
 Alice Harris  High achievement in Accounting
 Eleanor Harris  Outstanding commitment to the College
 Lydia Hayler  Commitment in Religious Studies
 James Hazzard  All-round achievement
 Elizabeth Head  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Kira Heath  Commitment in English and Media Studies
 Jess Henry  Commitment in Photography
 Luke Higginson  High Achievement in History
 Daisy Hill  Commitment in Spanish and Music
 Anya-Grace Howe-  Abram  High achievement in Media Studies
 Kelsey Hughes  Commitment in Economics
 Natalie Hurlstone  High achievement in Art 
 Soman Iqbal  Outstanding contribution to the College
 Sean Irving  Commitment in Chemistry
 Pearl Jakes  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Katherine James  Commitment in History
 Jack Jarvis  High achievement in Computing
 Alex King  Commitment in Biology
 Arabella Kirby  Outstanding contribution to the College
 High achievement in Economics
 Maria Lake  High achievement in Geology
 Rose Last  High achievement in Spanish
 Hester Lee  All-round achievement
 Zoe Leech  High achievement in Physical Education
 Emmet Lenoach  All-round achievement
 Millie Lihoreau  Commitment in Music
 Emma Lindsay  All-round achievement
 Georgina Lithgow  All-round achievement
 Kieran Litschel  Commitment in Computing
 Finn Lord-Jones  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Bea Loveridge  All-round achievement
 Nathan Makalena  Outstanding contribution to the Phoenix newspaper
 Katya Mann  The Arthur Pickett Award for Drama
 Kate Marshall  High achievement in English Language
 Nicole Marshall  High achievement in Psychology
 Jacob Mashinchi  High achievement in the Extended Project
 Holly Masters  Commitment in Performing Arts
 Tom Mayer  All-round achievement
 Hannah McAuley  Commitment in Geography & Geology
 Lucy McCann  All-round achievement
 Daisy Menczer  High achievement in Classical Civilisation
 Sam Merryweather  Commitment in Music Technology
 Felicity Miles  All-round achievement
 Karlo Miracle  All-round achievement
 Annabelle Molyneux  High achievement in Economics
 Commitment in History
 Phoebe Murphy  Commitment in Classical Civilisation
 Alice Murray  High achievement and commitment in Philosophy
 Lillie Neill  High achievement in Film Studies
 Lucy Newman  High achievement in Religious Studies
 Xin Yi Ng  All-round achievement
 Phoebe Nichols  All-round achievement
 Vlad Nikolic  Commitment in German
 Samuel Norris  High achievement in Music
 Commitment in Economics
 Samuel O'dell  High achievement in Film Studies
 Abigail O'Hagan-Strong  Commitment in English Literature
 Ruby Osman  Outstanding contribution to the College
 High achievement in French and History
 Robert O'Sullivan  High achievement in Classical Civilisation, History and Latin
 Susie Parkhill  All-round achievement
 Millie Parry  All-round achievement
 Izabella Perera  All-round achievement
 May Perrin  Sportswoman of the Year
 Alice Perry  Outstanding contribution to the Phoenix newspaper
 High achievement in English Literature and French
 Oliver Perry  High achievement in Physical Education
 Alix Pery  Commitment in History
 Cosima Pitman  High achievement and commitment in Religious Studies
 Molly Pugh  Commitment in History
 Madeline Pulman-Jones  High achievement in English Literature
 Aruna Raman  All-round achievement
 Cerys Rees  High achievement in World Development
 Kirsten Rooney  High achievement in German
 Sam Ross  Outstanding commitment to career planning
 Isobel Rowbotham  Commitment in Psychology
 Sam Rowbotham  High achievement in Electronics
 Florence Russell  Commitment in Performance Studies
 Andre Russo  High achievement in Accounting and Use of Mathematics
 Freddie Scott  All-round achievement
 Romaisa Sebaihia  Commitment in French
 Daniel Shefford  Commitment in Art & Design and Physics
 Alphy Siju  High achievement in Psychology
 Hayley Smith  Commitment in French
 Adam Sneath  High achievement in Biology
 Lauren Southwell  High achievement in Sociology
 Nicholas Springthorpe  High achievement in the Extended Project
 James Stacey  All-round achievement
 Joshua Stevens  Commitment in Physics
 Charlotte Steyn  Commitment in Mathematics
 Rebecca Storey  High achievement in Performance Studies
 Alice Stuart  Outstanding contribution to the College
 All-round achievement
 Robert Taylor  High achievement in History
 Millie Tipple  High achievement in Sociology
 Peter Todd  All-round achievement
 Holly Turner  High achievement in Performance Studies
 Benjamin Udin  High achievement and commitment in Music Technology
 Angelina Valsami  High achievement in Photography
 Alice Walsh  High achievement in World Development
 Molly Walsh  All-round achievement
 Ruby Webb  Commitment in Drama & Theatre Studies
 Ben White  High achievement in Business Studies
 Jack White  All-round achievement 
 Christopher Whitehead  High achievement in Government & Politics
 Commitment in Spanish
 Gwen Williams  All-round achievement
 Anna Wilson  All-round achievement 
 Tom Windred  Outstanding contribution to the College
 Idris Winter  High achievement in German
 Commitment in Religious Studies
 Madeleine Wood  Commitment in Music
 Jonathan Xue  High achievement in Mathematics
 Amy Zhang  High achievement in Art
 Nathan Zhang  All-round achievement