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Welcome to the parents’ area of the College website.

We encourage parents to look at the Parents Handbook.

Year 12 mock exam schedule

The College values and encourages the involvement of parents in helping us to support students throughout their time at the College. While we expect students to accept responsibility for their own learning and academic progress, we recognise that a successful partnership with parents is vital to the success of our students and the College will liaise with parents accordingly, taking into account the needs of individual students.

In September, parents of new students are invited to the College to meet tutors and other senior staff. Parents' consultations with subject staff are held in both Year 12 and Year 13. Parents are welcome to contact their son or daughter’s tutor at the College at any time if they have any cause for concern. They are also invited to join the Association of Parents and Friends.

We also encourage parents to read our Student Code of Conduct and to look at the College calendar and term dates

Please also see our acceptable use by students of College IT facilities policy and also our complaints procedure.

Progress Review

Students are involved in reviewing their progress with staff at regular intervals throughout their course.
In November of Year 12, the College has two subject progress review days. Students discuss their progress with subject staff and then their overall progress with tutors. Further progress review discussions, to which parents are also invited, take place in February across three afternoons.  

A tutorial progress review (without subject consultations) is completed in June/July of Year 12. Subject staff and the tutor will provide a written report of progress at the end of Year 12.

In Year 13, progress review discussions take place across three afternoons in January. As in February of Year 12, parents are invited to attend these discussions.

Progress review information and written progress reports will form the basis of references for higher education and employment, updated by staff as appropriate in Year 13.
Information about attendance, effort and estimated grades will be sent to students and parents after each progress review round.

Review paperwork will be sent to parents in the following way:

  • Parents registered with Wisepay will receive individual copies by email.
  • Students with no parent registered with Wisepay will receive a single printed copy of the review through the post to their parents at their home address.
  • Students will also have access to their progress review data on the College ProPortal system.
If copies of reviews have not been delivered, parents are requested to first ask their son or daughter for a copy. If that fails please contact the relevant tutor who will send another electronic copy. The College monitors attendance very carefully, given the strong relationship identified between high attendance and academic performance. Full details about this can be found on pages 6 and 7 in the Parents' Handbook.

If parents need to contact the College about absences, please send an e-mail to or leave a message on the dedicated absence telephone line on 01223 278065. If an absence issue is confidential, please contact the tutor directly.

AS and A level Reform

AS and A level reform information