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Keeping Faith at Hills Road Sixth Form College

11 Oct 2018
Over the last few years, an increasing population of feral pigeons have been nesting on the rooftops and under solar panels at Hills Road Sixth Form College. The pigeons have caused damage to some of the panels, and their droppings have blocked the gutters and soiled the paths.

In order to persuade the pigeons to move somewhere else, the College has employed the services of Mark and his Harris Hawk, Faith. Mark has been flying Faith around the College site, persuading the pigeons that Hills Road is not a safe and comfortable place for them to be.


Dave Merritt, Estates Manager said, “Faith has been a huge hit with staff and students alike, with many people eager to take the opportunity to get up close to such an impressive creature.”

“The pigeons are not so keen; just two weeks into a six month programme, the flocks are beginning to disperse, and overall numbers have reduced noticeably. Unlike the students, the pigeons don’t think that Faith is coo-l.”